Down below are a list of volunteer opportunities in Boca Raton. 

Descriptions of the job as well as links are provided to each source in which you have the chance to get volunteer hours for school.


Sugar Sand Park

Volunteering opportunities offered with a focus on supporting activities in the Explorium, the Willow Theatre, and at Special Events

Ages 14+

Sugar Sand Park

Tri-County Animal Shelter

Visit in person for information and application

21287 Boca Rio Road Boca Raton, FL 33433

Tri-County Animal Shelter


Under 15  years old, parents required on-scene with students volunteering

14 different volunteering opportunities within the program

Boca Helping Hands

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Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Positions offered both indoors and outdoors

Can volunteer as guide in the museum and gardens

Click here for site

Morikami Museum

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Gumbo Limbo

Be at least 16 years of age

One 4-hour shift a week for a minimum of six months

If accepted, attend a new volunteer orientation. Orientations are offered 1-2 times a month

Click here to site

Gumbo Limbo

Any age (may need supervision)

Can volunteer in holiday gift program wrapping presents

Can donate supplies for hours

Click here for site

The Giving Tree

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Positions: Camp Counselor, clean-up duty

Ages 15-18

Regular weekly schedule

Background check required

Click here for site


American Red Cross

Volunteers must be 18 or older

Many different positions available in assisting communities during times of need depending on interests/age/location 

American Red Cross

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Palm Beach County Libraries

Currently offline during COVID-19 Pandemic

Updates about Teen Volunteering happening in Fall

Click here for site

P.B County Libraries

Volunteer can help in a variety of activities that help children from economically disadvantaged families.

Donations are also needed

Contact the office directly for more volunteering information @ 561-883-9325



Donate gently used furniture and bedding

Start a fundraiser

Click here for site

Sweet Dream Makers

4Ocean Beach Cleanup

Must be at least 13 to volunteer as a citizen scientist

Under 18 years old, must have parents present

Outdoor environmental involvement and beach cleanup positions offered

4Ocean Beach Cleanup

Fill out application online or in-person to be contacted by a Village of Hope member

300 East Yamato Road Boca Raton, FL 33431

15-17 years of age

One 4 hours shift each week for at least 6 months mandatory

Background check required

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Boca Regional Hospital

Boca Regional Hospital

Wayne Barton Study Center

Positions open as a tutor for middle and high school students providing supervision and homework help

Volunteers do office help, library help, and field trip assistance

Contact  561-620-6203 for more information

Wayne Barton Study Center


1 hour of training required

Positions include mentoring, tutoring, helping with homework

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Must be 14+ years old

Fill out online application

You will be contacted by the YMCA team for opportunities that they have available

Tutoring, camp counselors, administrative duty, event planning, ect.

National Leadership Institute

Provide opportunities in leadership and business building with a board of leaders

Fill out application online for volunteering consideration


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