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Down below are 3 buttons that each link you to a list of links and descriptions for a variety of different opportunities that can give you volunteer hours in South Florida. 
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CSforstudents was founded with the expressed purpose of benefiting our communities while providing students with opportunities of involvement. For this reason, we are partnering with Boca Helping Hands, Feeding America and The Perfect Storm Charity to provide financial support to their local and national initiatives. The rest of the donations go to site development and expansion explained down below!

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Our team believes that our site can prove to be very valuable to many high school students and would love to expand to new states and schools across the United States with your help. Contributing to the website helps CSforstudents add more members to the team, helps us with costs associated with website development and updating as well as helps us expand the website so we are able to partner up with more schools and reach more students all around the United States. It will also help the team reach businesses in need of volunteers in those areas. Due to us being a nonprofit and offering students free access to the site, we are not able to receive aid from any other source.

Thank you for considering!

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Community service is vital in order to provide students, in the modern era, with opportunities to become active members of their community as well as to help them provide a lasting and positive impact in their local cities all while earning credits required to graduate high school. It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to find volunteer opportunities and it is also difficult for businesses to find students to do needed volunteer work. Through CSforstudents, we help bring these two parties together to improve their local communities and more!



Our team is composed of students from Boca Raton High School, Florida Atlantic University, Georgia Institute of Technology as well as the University of Florida. We have gone through the process of getting volunteer hours and know how hard it is to find opportunities for students. This is why we created this website; in order to help teenagers, such as ourselves, with the process. Our team has worked together to establish this website in the Summer of 2020 and plan to expand to many high schools and states across the United States with your help. We work on our site every day in order to provide students with the best and most up to date site we can, for free, all while giving back to the community and contributing to various charities in the process.

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